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The Anthology Series



The ghetto is not merely a geographical construct but an ideological one forged by ignorance and perpetuated by societal disconnect. Should its inhabitants, resilient and diverse, find a platform beyond these boundaries, it would catalyze substantial shifts in societal paradigms and disrupt the world as we know it.


It Came From Ghetto is a collection of BIPOC fairytales dedicated to celebrating culture, finding hope in the oddest places, overcoming our daily dragons, and rewriting these narratives.

Inspired by monster sci-fi films of the 50s, such as It Came from Outer Space, the title
hints that authentic portraits into our worlds are so rare that they appear almost supernatural.

The Series:

Kickphase is looking for writers and will develop and refine your script for production and distribution.

Although, you can focus solely on writing, you will be given first consideration for directorial, producer, or talent roles. However, it will be the sole discretion of Kickphase if they believe the writer is not up to merit.

The films will undergo both local and festival premieres, ending as a fully packaged product housed on Kickphase's website.

Kickphase will release an accompanying series that will document the entire filmmaking journey, from the first spark of your idea to the final touches in post-production. The BTS journey will be shared on Kickphase's platforms. 

Your Task

Craft a captivating 5 to 12-page script. Unleash your imagination and have fun. Tell the story that you would want to see. If you wouldn't watch it, we don't want it.

The Prompt

Take a moment, memory, or perspective unique to you and write a story that exaggeratedly shares the feelings and textures. Don't give an exact retelling of a moment. Pull inspiration from it to craft something unique and more involved than when you first encountered it. 

The genre is yours to decide. 
Romcom, drama, fantasy, horror, coming to age...


It doesn't matter.

What do we want?

Colorful character(s) we fall in love with.

Stories that make you:

(or) Love

Although others may be enslaved to the systems that bind us, whether they be systematic, racist, sexist, etc, your character has the power to take charge of their situation. You can drag a character through the mud because not all fairytales are pretty. It can be gritty, scary, or painful. But make sure to pick em back up. 


Why? Because you're still here, and this is your story.


Need some inspiration?

Although welcomed, stories don't have to be supernatural/magical. We believe our everyday, and how we show up is far from ordinary. 

These aren't your traditional fairytales. There are no knights and dragons but fry cooks, landlords, and situationships.


Avoiding a parking ticket with only seconds before your meter expires, arriving at the register after what felt like a 2 hour grocery odyssey and 4 hour line, keeping your wig on during a windy date... These are all magical moments. It's just a matter of perspective.


Whatever the moment, include:

Real fears,
Real doubts,
Real love,

Real disappointment... 
and make it fully you.

Important Dates:


Invites Sent: Wednesday, January 17th

Q/A Video Call: Monday, January 22th


RSVP by: Monday, January 22nd


Progress Meetings: Week of January 29th 

(A place for you to talk through any ideas and further develop them)


Rough Draft Date: February 6th

Final Draft Date: Thursday, February 20th (This can be further discuss if needed)

*Production dates will vary as no more than two projects will be under production at a time.


Are you interested in directing or producing your script.

Thanks for submitting!

​Additional Questions



Jonathan Kemp

Executive Producer


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