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*Murder Mystery Film*

Non-Union, Paid


Production Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama/Mystery

Production Dates: July 13th-16th, 2023

Filming Location: Virginia Beach, VA & surrounding locations


Logline: After she finds a dead body on the opening night of a theatre's first black production, an ex-murder mystery actress must solve a whodunit before it ruins the historical significance of the show.

Available Roles


African American Female, Aged 25-35, Supporting

Your line sister/college bestie. Loves a good time but values her inner peace. That doesn’t mean she won’t buck if needed.


Caucasian Female, Aged 25-35, Supporting

A talented theatre actress who possesses an earned confidence and always keeps her chin with a slight tilt upward. Finding her place on this cast may have been her hardest task yet and now she must hide a secret that could spoil everything she worked for.



African American Male, Aged 30-50, Supporting

Everyone’s adopted uncle/older brother. A security guard, but you wouldn’t know unless you saw him in uniform. Loves to have a good time and the life of the party until someone breaks the law or puts his job on the line.

Please email

for sides or for more information about our production! In your email, please include a headshot and resume/acting reel.

Extended Submissions Due by June. 9th, 2023

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