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Who is Kickphase?

Kickphase is an independent film production company based out of Hampton Roads, VA.

Kickphase’s mission is to craft cultural-defining films that reclaim, redefine, and reinvent the Black mind through artistic, imaginative, and authentic portraits of blackness that challenge social constraints and perspectives within and attached to these communities.


Our vision is to create a collection of work that stands the test of time and a fully functioning independent studio that provides black filmmakers with the resources, exposure, and infrastructure needed to create while keeping profits and OWNERSHIP in the communities/hands of its creators.

Our Race

400m Race

Purchase a studio space while partnering with the local community to create events and spaces for black filmmakers to gather and grow together.


Phase 2:

Settle into your race. Your body is relaxed, but this doesn't mean your stride isn't long, strong, and fast. It may seem effortless to others, but your muscles are still fully engaged. You are running on the edge of insanity. 

The Warmup
S1: University Collection

S2: TBA Fall 2023

Colored track.png

Create a fully independent production company

that controls all matters of film production, from pre-production to distribution, keeping profits and ownership in the communities and hands of the creators.


Phase 3:

A mental decision to embrace discomfort, ignore your body and mind telling you to ease up, and make a physical "kick" to achieve your purpose. If you don't kick here, you can still win your race but never reach full effectiveness.

Fund, train, and empower black storytellers through grants and mentorships, while providing the platforms needed to distribute their stories.


Phase 4:

You’ve trained for this, and would’ve have gotten this far if you didn’t belong here. Maintain, breathe, keep form, and finish strong.

Craft cultural-defining films while providing in-depth behind-the-scenes content detailing our filmmaking process that rivals expensive higher education.


Phase 1:

Get out fast, strong, and gain ground, taking advantage of your energy. A good start will always reflect the rest of the race.

From Our Founder

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