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An Invitation

Kickphase Presents

My name is Jonathan Kemp. I’m a filmmaker and founder of Kickphase, a Hampton Roads black-owned independent production company focused on creating films that reclaim, redefine, and reinvent the black mind through artistic, imaginative, and authentic portraits of blackness.


On behalf of Kickphase, I invite you to partner with us to bring our 2nd season of creation and curation to life. Your financial contribution will support black independent filmmakers' stories, and provide filmmaking workshops, grants, and other activation events to the community.

Jonathan Kemp

Founder/CEO - Kickphase

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Perks of being a partner

  • Executive Producer, Producer, or Special Thanks Credit in the film and IMBD

    • This makes you not only a donor but a filmmaker yourself!

  • Free VIP invites to all premieres with guests

  • Listed as partner/donor on our website, screening playbills, etc.

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage access

  • Exclusive guest invites to set (Sit in the director's chair!)

  • First look and exclusive early screenings of projects

  • Exclusive Merch

*Kickphase is not a nonprofit organization, gifts are not tax deductible.


How funds will be utilized

  • 15% of raised funds will be allocated to providing film grants, funding, community activation events, and other workshops that empower black independent filmmakers.

  • Other funds will be directly used for production, marketing, and distribution of film projects.

  • How much does making a film cost? We’ve included the ongoing budget to our current project to the right (None of the numbers are final).

Raisins Budget - Top Sheet for Treatment.jpg

A Sample Event

Community Activation

We make films that heal, teach, and bring life to communities. 


Every film release will be paired with a curated community activation events that extend conversations and provokes action.

Check out the event of our next film Raisins Are Dark & The Sun is Hot

Raisins Are Dark & The Sun is Hot

The film will have a 3-day premiere (Fri-Sun).


Day 1: Traditional opening night red carpet premiere featuring a cast/crew talkback


Day 2: Community-based premiere featuring a conversation led by black theater/film industry professionals and artists discussing the importance of ownership, redefining representation, and the creation and responsibility of black artistic spaces.


Day 3: An art showcase featuring local artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc., concluding with the film presented as the feature presentation 


The goal of this release structure is to foster artistic community, create a place where works can be showcased, and to provide local black filmmakers, actors, and playwrights fresh perspectives on what their art is capable of.

Current Sponsors:

Our sponsors are black-owned, and the list is growing.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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